Doctors want Katanga widow cross-examined from hospital bed

10 Jan 2024

KAMPALA: The government has formed a committee to scrutinize the health condition of Molly Katanga, who stands accused of the murder of her husband, tycoon Henry Katanga.

Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the Director General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, put together a highly specialised committee upon the request of the Directorate (CID).

The aim was to assess Molly Katanga’s capability to be released from C-Care Hospital, Kampala (IHK) to provide a police statement and subsequently appear in court on 8th January 2024.

The committee, comprising esteemed medical professionals such as Dr. Joel Kiryabwire, Dr. Norbert Orwotho, Dr. Jane Nakibuuka, Dr. Robert Ssentongo, and Dr. Noeline Nakasujja, has released a detailed report on Ms. Katanga’s condition. According to the report, “Ms. Molly Katanga sustained significant injuries and was admitted to C-Care Hospital on 2nd November 2023. She had multiple scalp lacerations,(deep head wounds) fractures on both her upper limbs, and her ulnar bone (wrist bone that controls movement in half thr hand )and was in a state of hypovolemic shock (with low blood oxygen, and unconsious) low blood pressure,” underscoring the seriousness of her condition.

The report elaborates on her symptoms: “The patient experiences dizziness, aggravated by changes in position… She is managing with central vertigo. The headaches she reports are severe and distinct from any previous ones she had experienced.” This highlights the ongoing challenges Ms. Katanga faces in her recovery.

Further, the report mentions, “Upon psychiatric evaluation, Ms. Katanga was found awake and alert, though she has difficulties sleeping.” This indicates her mental alertness amidst her physical ailments.

The committee also observed, “Ms. Katanga, despite being able to sit unaided, did not undergo walking tests. She reports being able to walk unassisted to the restroom.” This points to her limited mobility and the cautious approach taken by the medical team.

In their neurological assessment, the committee notes, “Her CT scan showed subcutaneous edema,(excess fluid possibly bleeding in the brain), but the brain parenchyma was normal.”

The report says that whereas she is alert, Molly Katanga is fit to record a police statement but on her hospital bed.

“As per the evaluation today (January, 3 2023), she is alert and coherent but has dizziness and is distressed about her current situation. She is still undergoing medical treatment. A statement can be obtained from the patient while in hospital.”

This thorough evaluation by the government-appointed committee adds a critical layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding Ms. Katanga’s legal case and health status, with the community eagerly awaiting further developments.

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