Kenya Protests: At least 39 dead and more than 350 injured

03 Jul 2024

At least 39 people died and more than 350 were injured during anti-government protests in Kenya, according to the country’s national human rights commission.

“According to our data, thirty-nine people were killed and 361 more were injured during protests across the country,” it said, adding that thirty-two people are missing and 627 were detained.

Kenyan President William Ruto said earlier that that the protests had claimed 19 lives. However, Human Rights Watch reported 31 fatalities in the capital city alone.

“The commission continues to strongly condemn the unjustified violence against the protesters, medical personnel, lawyers, journalists, churches, first-aid centers and ambulances,” it said.

Protests against higher taxes in Kenya flared up in Nairobi on June 18 and spread across the country. The situation escalated on June 25 when people gathered in Nairobi’s business district demanding the president’s resignation. This district is home to administrative institutions, including the parliament, which the protesters broke into. According to Kenyan media reports, police used tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as live ammunition to disperse the protesters.

On June 26, Kenyan President William Ruto revoked the controversial bill but the protesters continued demanding the government’s resignation. Another wave of protests is planned for July 2.

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