New minister Balam returns to Brother Ronnie church to thank God

28 Mar 2024

The newly appointed state minister for youth and children affairs, Hon Balam Barugahare Ateenyi has returned thanks to God who has seen him change status to become a government official.

Hon Balam who started as a soda retailer in public events to becoming a music promoter before joining Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) to now a minister thanked Brother Ronnie Makabai who has ministered him all this far to ministerial post.

Balam who is a church member at Brother Ronnie’s ATM church on Palm Sunday told believers who gathered at Holy City in Bwerenga near Ntebe that he attributes all his success to God and Brother Ronnie who has guided him.

Clad in his trademark stripped orange T-Shirt Balam climbed the pulpit at Holy City to testify as Brother Ronnie gave him the microphone.

” I request everyone to stand up and clap for Jesus. I thank God for my uplift from vending soda to now a minister. I thank Brother Ronnie for praying for me all along and here I am,” said Balam as the congregation burst in praising.

He said the man of God has been his guide and said for sometime now Brother Ronnie has been prophesizing big things to appear in his life and that the ministerial appointment was now among them.

President Yoweri Museveni last week appointed Balam state minister for gender – youth and children affairs stunning political commentators and the general public.

Balamu told Brother Ronnie that he was going to remain a simple church member like he has been despite his new appointment .

He also said he will do his best to avoid getting corrupt to uphold the image of his church before causing laughter when he said he is considering Brother Ronnie’s advice of letting go of his earthly leanings of promoting musical concerts which sometimes bring people to near temptations.

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