Pastor collapses to death during exorcism exercise in Nakasongola

27 Oct 2023


NAKASONGOLA. Police in Nakasongola district are investigating the sudden death of a pastor during an exorcism exercise.

The deceased, pastor Daniel Naheirwe, 40, went to Wanjuki village in Lwabyata sub-county to perform a prayer and exorcise evil spirits from Jessica Kyohairwe’s home. After praying and at her invitation, he attempted to remove what was believed to be fetishes.

During the process of burning these items, he suddenly collapsed and died on the spot. The incident occurred around 9 am on Tuesday, throwing onlookers into a panic. Pastor Naheirwe had claimed to possess miraculous powers for removing evil spirits from people’s homes, a practice he had been conducting for many years.

Savannah regional police spokesperson confirmed the pastor’s sudden death and mentioned that the body was taken to Nakasongola HC IV for a postmortem examination.

In February last year, the Archbishop of Kampala Diocese, Paul Ssemogerere, expressed concern about the high number of shrines that outnumbered churches and other places of worship in Kamira Catholic Parish in Kasana-Luwero Diocese. He pointed out that many Christians exhibited disloyalty to their faith by attending churches during the day and visiting shrines at night under the cover of darkness.

Herbert Mutyaba, chairman of Uganda N’eddagala Lyayo Luwero branch, did not disclose the number of shrines under his control in Kamira Catholic Parish and the district when contacted by URN, claiming it was their secret. He emphasized that as traditional herbalists, they did not prevent their clients from attending church, asserting that people were free to make their own choices.

Back in 2013, during the handover of office to his successor, Godfrey Ninsiima, the former Luwero District Police Commander (DPC), Samuel Bamuzibire, highlighted that combating witchcraft had been a significant challenge during his tenure. Many cases in the district were linked to witchcraft, including mob justice, murder, and attempted murder, stemming from accusations of witchcraft. Belief in witchcraft was particularly prevalent in the Ziroobwe sub-county.

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