UBOS sets guidelines for census enumerators as it goes digital

17 Feb 2024


KAMPALA. The Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), has revealed that only people with smartphones and mobile money numbers registered in their names will be recruited to enumerate in the national population census.

Uganda is set to carry out its 6th national population census on the night of the 9th leading to May 10th, 2024. More than 120,000 enumerators will be recruited.

Giving an update on the preparedness for the exercise on Thursday, Chris Mukiza, the UBOS Executive Director, said that the census will be digitized, including payments of the enumerators to avoid costs of middlemen.

“All the people we are going to work with must have mobile money numbers registered in their names not those of their relatives, friends, or neighbors. If you don’t have a number registered in your name we shall not pay you through any other person’s number, ” Mukiza emphasized.

Mukisa also added that tablets and smartphones should have the capacity to hold the enumeration data and other requirements.

According to Mukiza, UBOS will work with the local governments in the recruitment process of the enumerators, specifically to mobilize people to apply, but the appointment will be conducted at the UBOS  headquarters to avoid corruption tendencies. “We are yet to set all the conditions required for an enumerator, but it will soon be set and it’s here at the headquarters where the final selection will be made according to those conditions,” he said.

Mukiza said that each enumerator is expected to count 50 to 80 households.

Information from UBOS indicates that preparation for the census stands at 90.3 percent with 50 districts having complete clean data,  58 districts, and cities at 90 percent, 18 districts above 80 percent, and the rest below 70 percent.   These exclude the districts of Kampala, Mukono, and Wakiso, whose works are yet to start and require different strategies due to the population structure.

Mukisa also revealed that the first batch of tablets that will be used in the census is expected early next month.

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