Monitor, the enemy paper: Spare the ROAD and spoil the child

08 Dec 2023

OPINION: In Uganda, the ‘thing becomes legal when he wishes it’. On that note, the Monitor has become a bad paper, an enemy paper because of the constant and consistent reminders by President Museveni.

Since the King has said the paper is bad and may be wishes it so, the high priests, and altar boys and girls followed suit in baptizing the media house all manners of negative, horrific, traumatising and dehumanising names.

But, have you visited the media house’s headquarters in Industrial Area, Namuwongo, Kampala City?

OMG! It takes lots of courage for one to maneuver the many potholes (ponds, pools and lakes for now) on Eighth Street.

For years and years, that road has been one of the worst in the entire city.

Whether it is be design, choice or curse, our friends at MPL and their neighbouring community deserve better.

Surely, no one would use such a road to go to office and you expect them to be soft when their fingers get down to the art of writing and designing.

Let’s imagine this together. Jama covers Plenary, jumps on a boda and is rushing back to office to write a story about supplementary, classified budget for State house.

Jama gets splashed brown along the way by government guzzlers as his boda man tries to dodge the several ponds on the road-turned-garden.

Do you expect Jama to key down soft diction? Apaana. Jama would look for the baddest diction to describe the selfishness depicted in sharing the national cake.

Remember Jama pays tax, PAYE and some KCCA tax. But his road is the worst, with no dreams of it being fixed.

And shuuu, the CJ also uses this same road to access one of his known homes somewhere in Namuwongo near the International Hospital.
No wonder CJ was not soft recently when it came to matters of Balaalo.

We are counting on SFC to have this road fixed for the good of the bad paper.

Otherwise should you ‘spare the road’, you will spoil the child.

Not sure of the situation at First and Third Streets, where Vision Group sits. All I know is that these are smooth roads even the First Lady uses them often times.

During the most recent visit by Mukyala wa Mukulu, the two roads were closed for the entire day to ensure smooth running of business.

Hopefully OB Simon Kasyate hears this and slots in a word or two to the Mr and Mrs Above.

Otherwise the paper is not bad, rather it is the road that leads to the paper that is bad.

Even Gen Katumba Wamala recently acknowledged that the paper is, after all, not so bad.

“Not all negative publicity is bad sometimes they have helped us to check on ourselves and work hard. I want to thank the Daily Monitor which has been critical towards the [Uganda] airlines,” Gen. Wamala said.

Since Gen. Wamala is the works and transport minister, hopefully he can turn the bad situation into a better one.

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