2024:Brother Ronnie cautions Ugandans about gay law, warns on Isreal- Palestine war

01 Jan 2024

By Shanitah Nakyejjwe Bwerenga .

The man of God and head of the ETM Church International, Brother Ronnie Makabai has cautioned Ugandans to take endurance rather than submission to the pains the country is going through as a result of the harsh gay law saying the law is good for the country.

” Let this be the beginning of our independence, there shall be some pain here and there but Uganda and Africa must preserve it’s culture and norms. How can you tell me to marry a fellow man? poverty must not make us less than animals” said Brother Ronnie.

Brother Ronnie was preaching to thousands of followers who gathered at Holy City Bwerenga near Entebbe in Wakiso District to usher in the new year 2024.

He said the Presidential signing of the harsh gay law in 2023 has come with a lot of cost like the stopping of the development finances, travel limits to Government officials and negative publicity that is causing a lot of suffering to the country but Ugandans must endure.

He said that the Europeans are still trading their neo-colonial politics and have never wished Africans real independence saying the current fight against Uganda constructing an oil pipeline via Tanzania must not be taken for granted.
On the Isreal- Palestine war, the man of God warned that this war will never end saying it’s a Biblical testimony.

Brother Ronnie is known for seeing and foretelling national, regional and international political occurrences which come to pass.
He said the year 2024 will be a year of challenges in Uganda and the world over and warned all the Ugandans to be cautious with politicians well knowing that theirs is just a game.

The event was filled with a lot of praying, miracles and testimonies and the worshippers were entertained to a volleys of fireworks as the new year started which lasted for minutes.

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