How mission to rob sh2.4b from NRM boss was executed

23 Jan 2024

KAMPALA: The police have arrested 12 suspects, including their own for robbing sh2.4b from the home of NRM treasurer Barbara Oundo Nekesa.

Police said the robbery took place in the posh Muyenga suburb early December.

According to the police, the accomplices spent time studying the situation before carrying out their mission.

Here are the details as explained by the police:


The territorial police in KMP continues to investigate the case of aggravated robbery and other related offences, that occurred at the home of Hajj Mafabi Sulaiman Lumolo and his wife Hon. Amb. Nekesa Barbara Oundo, on the 5.12.2023 at around 04:47am, at their residence at Kyeitabya zone, Bukasa parish, Makindye division Kampala district.

The facts gathered indicate that the couple had money kept in dollars and shillings, in their house, which PC Wango Michael, having stayed at the residence as a home guard, for more than one and half years came to know about. As a result, he hatched a plan with 2 other police officers, who included; Sgt Idro Dominic, PC Mugoya Sharif, together with Arinda Edgar alias Watson and Niwagaba Rogers. However, on the 5.12.2023, the mission was executed by PC Wango Michael, PC Mugoya Sharif, Arinda Edgar alias Watson and Palaso who replaced Miiwagaba Rogers.

To help avoid detection, the mastermind PC Wango, disabled the Alarm system, which was controlled and monitored by the guards, at the main gate security sentry room. He also disconnected the electric wires, mounted on top of the perimeter wall, as well as the security lights around the area, he had earmarked for entry. He further adjusted the CCTV cameras, to avoid capturing footages from the direction his accomplices would use.

At around 10pm, his accomplices, PC Mugoya Sharif together with Arinda Edgar alias Watson and Palaso (who replaced Niwagabaa) gained entry into the compound and laid in wait till 4am. They inflicted controlled injuries on PC Wango Michael’s head, picked the two rifles in his possession, and thereafter proceeded to the servants quarters, where they forced the 3 maids, to open the main house. After gaining entry, into the main house, the suspects broke the 4 doors inside the house.

They traced and located Hon. Amb. Nekesa, from her hiding place and threatened to harm her, and she led them to the bedroom, where they kept their money. Her husband was not at home. The suspects accessed the money in Ugandan shillings, and carried their loot in 5 bags, full of cash. They escaped through the small gate with 5 bags of cash, an Iphone, 12 promax, a golden ring, DVR for CCTV system, a Techno spark 9 smart phone, a Huawei 19 mobile phone. They also disappeared with the two police guns, and 60 rounds of ammunitions, which PC Mugoya Sharif, abandoned in a potato garden, 200metres away from the residence.

They proceeded and hid in a banana plantation, where their rider Kalinda Josh found them. They had in their possession 3 bags, after two other bags were hurriedly dropped, in the banana plantation by Arinda Edgar and Palaso, when they saw a local security guard advancing towards them, with a torch. PC Mugoya Sharif and Arinda Edgar alias Watson, boarded one motorcycle, to Nsambya barracks with two bags of cash, as Palaso boarded another motorcycle and disappeared from his accomplices with a bag containing an unspecified amount of money.

The victim/complainant Hon. Amb. Nekesa, reported a robbery of cash Ugx 41 million that was hers. An additional complaint, was made by her bushand Hajji Mafabi Sulaiman Lumolo, of Ugx 2.2 bn, that was robbed from his safe. The total amount stolen from the home was Ugx (Two billion two hundred forty one billion).

While at the barracks, PC Mugoya distributed in two bags as follows:-

i. Ugx 220 million was kept for PC Wango Michael (out of which 20m, was reserved to secure his bail) in case he is charged to court. It was handed over to his uncle Basooma Emmanuel who travelled from Budongo village in Namutumba district to Nsambya barracks.

ii. Arinda Edgar Watson was given Ugx 200m.

iii. The bodaboda rider was given Ugx 20m

iv. Sgt Idro Dominic, who did not participate was given Ugx 8.8m

v. PC Mugoya Sharif kept for himself Ugx 230m

We further established that on the 10.12.2023, a one Opio Samuel Obote, a 60 year old, casual labourer, while grazing goats of his boss, Matiya Rulangwa, at Kyeyitabya village, picked an unspecified amount of money together with an empty bag and a CT police uniform. He kept it in a container and started spending it lavishly. His boss Matiya Rulangwa, and a one Masembe also picked some of the money. The balance was handed over to Apunyo Patrick, by Opio Samuel, and they escaped and hid in Lugazi.

The 12 suspects arrested were charged as follows;

i. PC Wango Michael, Arimda Edga alias Watson, PC Mugoya Sharif, Basooma Emmanuel, Niwagaba Rogers. Opio sAmuel Obote and Matiya Rulangwa, were charged with 4 counts of aggravated robbery.

ii. Ssempanga Joseph alias Mulwma, Nyiro Moses and Apunyo Patrick. Were charged with receiving and retaining suspected stolen property and then Sgt Idro Dominic was charged for being an accessory, after the fact. All 112 suspects appeared before the Chief Magistrates court, Makindye and remanded unitl the 25th January 2024, for further mention of the case. The mission was hatched two weeks before the robbery.

iii. Efforts are now in place to locate a one Palaso and other accomplices, who are still at large, trace for asses bought with proceeds from the crime.

As evidenced by the police action, the Uganda Police continues to make rooting out corruption and misconduct at all levels, one of its top criminal priorities. The top leadership also continues to thank the majority of officers who pride themselves on high standards of integrity, discipline and professionalism to keep our citizens and country safe.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

22nd January 2024

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