Tragic incident: Ugandan Doctor’s dog kills infant

19 Mar 2024

WAKISO. In a heartbreaking incident reported by the police, a baby boy lost his life on Monday after being attacked by a dog inside the home of Dr. Andrew Obuku, a former president of the Ugandan doctor’s association.

The tragic event occurred around 10 am at Dr. Obuku’s residence in Canaan Estate, Mawugulu cell, Katabi town council, Wakiso district. The dog, belonging to Dr. Obuku, managed to escape from its kennel and viciously attacked the infant, resulting in fatal injuries.

The baby, under the care of a newly recruited caretaker named Nuwarinda Sharon, was placed on the veranda while Sharon attended to household chores. Sharon recounted her desperate attempt to intervene as she witnessed the dog approaching the child. Despite her efforts, the dog overpowered her, inflicting severe injuries to both the child and herself.

Unfortunately, the baby succumbed to his injuries, with the police suspecting that the dog may have had rabies, as it exhibited hostile behavior in the past. Moreover, the inadequate security measures, including poorly fixed dog housing and multiple anti-burglary locks on Dr. Obuku’s property, complicated the rescue efforts.

As a result of the attack, Sharon is hospitalized, and the infant’s body has been transferred to Mulago Hospital for a postmortem examination. The community mourns this tragic loss, emphasizing the importance of stringent pet safety measures to prevent such devastating incidents in the future.

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