EXCLUSIVE: Kabaka Mutebi “admitted to Namibian mental health hospital”

25 May 2024

GERMANY. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has been admitted to a mental hospital in Namibia, according to a letter attributed to Martin Andjaba, the ambassador to Germany, which is circulating on social media.

The letter dated May 24, 2024 mentions that Kabaka Mutebi arrived in Namibia on April 14 and is undergoing psychotherapy for an stress-related medical condition.

While the authenticity of the letter remains unverified, our quick search confirmed the existence of the Okonguarrai Therapeutic Centre in Namibia, and that Andjaba is indeed Namibia’s ambassador to Germany.

The Okonguarei Therapeutic Centre is situated in a natural setting on 5000 hectares of land. It is known for treating a range of conditions including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, personality dysfunctions (psychosis), PTSD, stress management, somatoform disorders, substance-related disorders, and childhood-related disorders.

“We personalise treatment sessions, including group therapy… the Okonguarei method of treatment is extensive,” reads a statement on the centre’s website.

The centre is enhanced by its magnificent rock formations and diverse free-roaming wildlife, such as giraffes, elands, oryx, mountain zebras, and leopards.

A fortnight ago, Buganda Kingdom spokesperson said that the Kabaka was in a park in Namibia after medical treatment in Germany.

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