Former RCC Burora has been arrested for “critiquing Speaker Among”

02 Jul 2024

KAMPALA. Former RCC for Rubaga Division Herbert Anderson Burora bas been taken into custody allegedly collowing his outspoken criticisms and accusations of corruption directed at the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Among.

He was arrested and taken into custody by Ntinda Police on Monday night and is being detained at Kira police.station in Wakiso.

Burora had grown more vocal in his criticism of the Speaker and Parliament until being fired by the President’s office earlier this year.

In a number of caustic letters and public remarks, he accused the Speaker of different sorts of corruption and misappropriation of public monies.

Burora’s problems started when his previous employers gave him the warning to stop criticizing the Speaker. Given a deadline to apologize.

Burora made the decision to leave his position rather than face harsh disciplinary measures.

His departure did not put a halt to his advocacy; on the contrary, he rose to prominence as a critic of the Speaker’s actions, charging her of financial mismanagement and hypocrisy.

Burora accused the Speaker of turning Parliament into a for-profit business and enriching herself at the expense of Ugandan taxpayers in one of his in-depth letters.

He cited a number of suspected cases of corruption, such as the misappropriation of money intended for the underprivileged, unlawful spending for one’s own gain, and conflicts of interest in the procurement procedures.

Burora, in a daring attempt to mobilize public opinion against corruption, planned a protest march on July 27 and extended an invitation to all Ugandans who were fed up with corruption to accompany him in a parade from City Square to Parliament.
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