RCC Burora says Uganda leadership is “a disgrace”

02 Feb 2024

KAMPALA. The Deputy City Resident Commission (RCC)-Lubaga Division Anderson Burora has hit out at his ruling government for blatant impunity and security flaws and he has described Uganda’s leadership as a disgrace.

In a long post on his X account Burora accused Uganda’s leaders of violating the law using their positions leaving the population at risk of abuse yet as leaders they are charged with the responsibility to service peace and security, ensure development and preserve democracy and human rights. 

“They (leaders) cannot be tried, they can steal, grab land and they are protected, enact, use the law to their advantage, they can violate all laws and all it requires is, I’m so and so.

Burora Uganda’s current situation is despicable and chaotic because the leaders are only finding solutions to their problems leaving others to suffer.

He warned that the status quo will eventually overruns everyone including the privileged who ought at the time of need to find solutions for all, but chose to find for themselves. 

He wondered why government bigwigs are now under special protection in the security and judicial systems yet the rest of the population is unprotected.

“Instead of finding our own comfort, Let’s wake up to the challenge of fixing what is suspected to be for us yet threatens everyone. What the leaders are trying to do of finding solace for themselves is a temporary fix, it will really break to the extent that all we can do is to regret,” Burora wrote. 

Burora also described the act of surrounding leader’s homes with razor and high security wall guarded by CCTV cameras, mean looking soldiers- a detachment from the public by leaders.

He said leaders are setting bad example are a eroding public morals when for example they break traffic rules in the face of school children and the general public who can no longer reach out to them because of staying in different worlds.

“Do we even have the moral authority to call citizen non patriotic and that we are now drawing budgets to teach mindset change? We need to lock ourselves somewhere and pump sense in ourselves. We are a disgrace,” Burora wrote.

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