Terrorist who planted recent bombs in Kampala flees to Congo

07 Dec 2023

KAMPALA: President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that the terrorist who planted last weekend’s bombs in Kampala has fled back to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Museveni said in a statement that he had advised security operatives not to mount roadblocks in search of terror suspects as this inconveniences travellers.

Below is the President’s full statement on security situation in the country:

Fellow Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.
The pig that had come from Congo to plant bombs and kill our peaceful People, it seems, has fled back to Congo after his criminal schemes were made impossible by your vigilance.

The bomb in Kikuba-mutwe exploded prematurely before he planted it where our pork-lovers were having their legitimately earned meal and the one in Nabweru exploded in the empty house where the criminals were keeping it because the security forces were hard on the heels of those pigs.

I have advised the security forces not to make the mistake of mounting roadblocks and such other blind and panicky measures that inconvenience huge masses of People that have nothing to do with the criminals.

Whenever villagers were removing jiggers from their feet, they would not cut off the infested toe or foot. They would patiently locate the eye of the jigger, isolate it and remove it and burn it in the fire.

On the Uganda side, the roads are good (do not be fooled by the potholes in parts of Kampala), the traffic is huge and fast and movement is 24 hours a day. Besides, the borders are porous and somebody can even walk into Uganda from Congo cross-country. We shall not tamper with this fast tempo of the human activities – cross border – of the fraternal Peoples of Uganda – Congo and East Africa in general.

We shall patiently remove the jiggers by perfecting the technical and human intelligence measures which have already proved to be very effective except in a few cases of lapses like in the cases of the 2 tourists and their driver, the Nyabugaando children, etc.
In the Kasese area, we are hunting for the Congolese Kamusu who survived when the Marines wounded and captured Njovu on Lake Edward.

However, the main effort is to wipe out the ring-leaders in Congo – in the forests and in the Trading Centres.

On account of the mistakes of the past Congo Governments and the international community (UN, SADDEC, etc.), those pigs have had the free use of big chunks of Eastern Congo for their criminal activities such as camping, training, mining gold, cutting timber, harvesting and selling for themselves the Wanainchi’s Cocoa, trading in vitenge and extorting money from the Wanainchi for the last 20 years, ever since UPDF withdrew from Bunia in 2003, under the International agreement of Lusaka.

This had misled them into thinking that they are invulnerable and safe. With the modern means we have, those pigs are now discovering that those forests are actually death traps. We, the experienced fighters, know this.

Therefore, working with the Congo Government, ADF is being wiped out at source – in Eastern Congo. Actually, groups like ADF, being reactionary (wapinga maendeleo – abendowooza enkyamu), cannot grow in strength.

Otherwise, the 20 years they were given of the free use of that area and the free resources there-in, by the Congo Government and the International Community, they should have been a much bigger force.
On the 23rd of December, 1978, I arrived with 28 trainers of FRONASA that I had trained in Mozambique at Karagwe District Headquarters. Karagwe is the District in Tanzania opposite our Isingiro District in Uganda.

Between the 24th of December, 1978, when I arrived at Nyamiyaga Primary School – 4 miles from the Kagyera River – and the 11th of April, 1979, when Amin collapsed in Kampala, FRONASA had built up a force of 9000 fighters, many of them well educated, like the late Elly Tumwiine.

Why such fast growth? It is because our ideology of patriotism, Pan-Africanism, social-economic transformation and democracy was rational (not irrational), beneficial (not damage-causing) and uniting (not fragmenting).

It was what we call progressive ideology, not reactionary (kupinga maendeleo). It was promising freedom, prosperity and unity.

What is ADF ideology? Sectarianism of so called Islamic fundamentalism, irrational (Uganda, a multi-faith Country to be governed under Sharia Law) and brutal (assassinations – eg. the assassinated Sheikhs), planting bombs that kill people indiscriminately.

Why assassinate opponents if what you are preaching is correct? What do you fear if what you are preaching is correct? Where would Uganda be if we were assassinating those who do not agree with the NRM?

It is that ideological bankruptcy and irrational ideology that does not allow them to grow. Instead, those pig leaders live, as warlords surrounded by a few kidnapped children and wives, stealing the resources of Congo and also stealing from the Wanainchi and killing Wanainchi, allowed to do so by the Congo previous Governments and incapable international actors who do not care about us, the Citizens and indigenous People of the Great Lakes.

Fortunately, the UPDF and other security forces, working with the Congo Government, has been wiping out these parasites.
Coming back to the pork eaters of Kikuba-mutwe who were saved by the Security forces that forced the exploder to do so prematurely, I congratulate the Nseneene (grasshoppers) of the Museneene month (November) and the Nswa-eaters (flying ants) of the Kashwa month (October).I am told you had good harvests.

To empower the bazzukulu with information of obujajja (heredity), I would like to challenge the Vets and the entomologists and the medicals to explain to them how some of our ancestors came to determine which insect to eat and which not to eat.

Some of the Ntungamoists would eat the grasshoppers (enseneene) and the enzigye (locusts). The nswa (flying ants) were eaten by some of the Baganda.

However, there were other insects our People would never touch such as ikuura which come in swarms like locusts and ebiharara that fly solo most of the time. What science were they using to determine what to eat and what not to eat? Vets, medicals and entomologists, please, help.

Yoweri K. Museveni
Gen. (Rtd)

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