Open to Mr Robert Kyagulanyi

15 Feb 2024

My Greetings to you and the entire country from Mulindwa Andrew.

This letter is addressed to both Mr. Kyagulanyi the NUP president and all NUP supporters across the country.

Mr. Kyagulanyi, few days back, you and other top opposition activists held a joint press conference at Katonga, which sign thought us that at least opposition is determined to work as a team without fronting individual interests as it was before.

I have no doubt that where Dr. Besigye, Erias Lukwago, Bayiga Lulume, Robert Kyagulanyi, Gen. Muntu and other party leaders form a joint coalition, Ugandans shall be eased from hardships of making debate on who they should support.

However, under a coalition, party interests are succeeded and taken over by a common interest for all, in brief, the Coalition supersedes the party interests.

Mr. Kyagulanyi, as a party president , you have a duty to appoint and backup your appointees all the period they occupy those positions, on many occasions, I have seen party members attacking and accusing some of your Generals calling them all sorts of names including embarrassing them openly in public gatherings.

I will personally put the blame onto you, why, it’s your duty to to give directions to your supporters, when you fail to control your followers, the blame will automatically shift from the abusers to their Master.

A case in reference is the office of the LoP, I vividly remember very well when you appointed Hon. Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba Leader of Opposition, people within your circle the likes of Waisswa Mufumbiro who doubles as your spokesperson, Nusifa Nakato, Lumbuye Fred and others initiated attacks on him but instead you kept a deaf ear.

As if this was not enough, persons like Zaake Francis, Lutamaguzi Ssemakula among others whom we would believe to be of high morals went ahead to attack your LoP but you never bothered to control them.
Mr. President, you appointed Hon Mathias Mpuuga your Vice president Central region, and this makes him the NUP president Buganda region a position that gives him mandate to decide which activities should take place within his region.
It is unfortunately that even in that position, he’s attacked by the same group, your failure to end these acts implies that you sanctioned for it.

Just of recent, Hon. Mpuuga in his capacity stopped the activities of KUNGA in greater Masaka and this has created impasse within Masaka, KUNGA is a pressure group which operates under the main stream, Administratively, the party supersedes all other organs within the party, who is Farida Nabatanzi to attack your Vice president on leadership matters within his jurisdiction? Who is Namayanja within the party hierarchy to oppose The presidential directives?

Internal party wars has nothing good for the party, it either calls for it’s downfall or it calls for a creation of another party.

The people around you are the greatest liers, they will never tell you what is right since they’re after your sympathy and favor, they just want to please you because they know without you, they have no votes.
To be open with you, come out from that comfort and take charge of your party, there is no sane person who will allow to be in that confusion, there many reasonable people who would wish to work with you, but we are afraid due to what is going on.
Instead of opposing Museveni day and Night, find time to learn a few positive things from him, he’s excelled in party administration and you will never succeed where you fail to control your supporters.

In my conclusion, allow me to thank you and all other fellow activists for the joint coalition, with a coalition we shall have positive results both on top level and lower levels.
May the Good Lord bless you all.

Mulindwa Andrew, Human Rights lawyer and activists.

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